Trump talked to them a lot about VA policy issues. they have no decision-making power. They are Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter, a doctor Bruce Moskowitz, and a lawyer Marc Sherman. #trump #maralago

Three civilians from Mar-a-Lago are reportedly making decisions for the VA

An "informal council" of three people who have neither served in the U.S. military and government was found to exert "sweeping influence" on policies concerning America's military veterans.



The photo shows a commercial airline over the Toronto skyline. and indicates that Canada is “Sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong”. (see pic) #scary #terrorism

Saudi State Media Posted a Photo That Sure Looks Like a Threat to Attack Toronto 

Just when you thought we could close out a day with only a few totally insane things happening, we discover that a Saudi Arabia state media Twitter account sent (and then deleted) a message that seemed to threaten a 9/11 type event on Toronto.



These tests are used to set new emissions standards, so they’re trying to make their emissions look extra high. #doesntsounddumb #therecouldbedumber #muchdumber

Automakers Are Already Cheating Emissions Again in the Dumbest Possible Way

In the Year of our Lord 2018, we are what must be 8,000 years from the original start of Dieselgate. A bunch of Volkswagen executives got arrested, everyone agreed to finally make some electric cars, done. Right? Wrong.


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