Some cereals are fortified with vitamin D from sheep’s wool, so maybe. #thisisnewstome #breakfastofchampions #baaaah

Is there sheep’s wool in your breakfast cereal?

You would think that breakfast cereal is free from animal products, but this might not in fact be the case. Over in the U.K., The Independent and several British outlets are reporting today that some cereals may contain a derivative from a popular animal by-products: sheep’s wool.


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The “Gliese 710” star will come by our solar system in 1.29 million years instead of 1.35 million years. #shocking #iwasntpreparedforthis #lifechanging

Another Star Is Going To Brush Our Solar System, And It Will Happen Sooner Than We Thought

For quite a while we’ve known that another star is heading our way, and now astronomers have not only confirmed that prediction, but said it’ll be closer and sooner (a bit) than we thought.


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