The company is doing great and not going out of business. They’re just outsourcing their manufacturing. #trickytricky #crocnation

Crocs Announced That It’s Closing the Last of Its Factories, Seriously Bumming out Croc Nation

This week, it was reported that the grand social experiment of assimilating the experience of walking on a cheese wheel or maybe a banana could soon come to an end: Crocs Inc. has announced plans to shutter its last manufacturing plant.


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Freshcut. You can take pictures of your haircut and write notes. #amazing #sofresh #haircut #perfection

This App Helps You Get the ‘Perfect Haircut’ Everytime

For the past five years, a woman (read: angel) named Germaine has been cutting my hair. I booked an appointment with her after my former hair stylist moved away, and we talked for a least 30 minutes about how she was going to cut my hair before she picked up a pair of scissors back in 2013.


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