USAF Staff Officer Mike Benitez says shockwaves caused by detonation can blow out fires like candles on a birthday cake. It was recently done in Sweden. #interesting #thatshot

Air Force officer wants to use bombs to fight California wildfires

He wants to fight fire with firepower. An Air Force staff officer says firefighters battling blazes in California and Colorado should take a page from Sweden’s playbook and drop bombs on the conflagrations to extinguish them.


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These tests are used to set new emissions standards, so they’re trying to make their emissions look extra high. #doesntsounddumb #therecouldbedumber #muchdumber

Automakers Are Already Cheating Emissions Again in the Dumbest Possible Way

In the Year of our Lord 2018, we are what must be 8,000 years from the original start of Dieselgate. A bunch of Volkswagen executives got arrested, everyone agreed to finally make some electric cars, done. Right? Wrong.


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