Trump talked to them a lot about VA policy issues. they have no decision-making power. They are Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter, a doctor Bruce Moskowitz, and a lawyer Marc Sherman. #trump #maralago

Three civilians from Mar-a-Lago are reportedly making decisions for the VA

An "informal council" of three people who have neither served in the U.S. military and government was found to exert "sweeping influence" on policies concerning America's military veterans.



“That’s not a good use of my time.” #ithoughthedsayyes #boom #unexpected #trump #moneys #science

President Trump Offered Bill Gates A Job. This Was His Response

The White House still doesn’t have an official scientific advisor. Still. However, it sounds like Trump remains on the lookout for one. Back in March, during their third ever meet-up, Trump asked Bill Gates whether he would be interested in a new job as his scientific advisor.


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