His dream was to own the house from the Brady Bunch. He is instead going to be in an HGTV show where the house is remodeled. Dealing with the remodel and TV production will be a nightmare for the neighbors. #falseheadline #nsynctho #somuchdrama

Lance Bass’s Dream Is a Living Nightmare

If you’ve been following the news AT ALL, you know that the past several days have been a whirlwind of jubilation and grief for erstwhile space traveller Lance Bass, who first won, then lost, his bid for the Brady Bunch house to the home-remodeling channel HGTV.



The company is doing great and not going out of business. They’re just outsourcing their manufacturing. #trickytricky #crocnation

Crocs Announced That It’s Closing the Last of Its Factories, Seriously Bumming out Croc Nation

This week, it was reported that the grand social experiment of assimilating the experience of walking on a cheese wheel or maybe a banana could soon come to an end: Crocs Inc. has announced plans to shutter its last manufacturing plant.


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USAF Staff Officer Mike Benitez says shockwaves caused by detonation can blow out fires like candles on a birthday cake. It was recently done in Sweden. #interesting #thatshot

Air Force officer wants to use bombs to fight California wildfires

He wants to fight fire with firepower. An Air Force staff officer says firefighters battling blazes in California and Colorado should take a page from Sweden’s playbook and drop bombs on the conflagrations to extinguish them.


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